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Alex Frank Orkow

alex frank orkow
Alex Frank Orkow, Architect

Alex Frank Orkow is a Licensed Architect, who, since 1992, has worked on a regular and continuing basis with Toni Palmer Designs, LLC, providing consulting architectural services for projects as necessary and appropriate.

When called for, Alex consults closely with Toni on her projects, including space design, colors, and overall and detailed appearances.

Alex takes field measurements, and prepares designs and drawings with such attention to detail that there is no doubt as to what is expected from contractors, suppliers, and installer. He provides qualified oversight for remodeling and construction projects. Alex worked his way through college and graduate school doing construction work during the summers. This hands-on experience has provided him with special insight into how things are actually built; and how to prepare drawings that are understandable to contractors. He knows what is involved in the different trades, and what is reasonable to expect from contractors in the field.

Alex’s wide-ranging connoisseurship in art and antiques has provided him with a depth and breadth of knowledge and exposure that signficantly enriches the work he brings to Toni Palmer Designs, LLC’s projects.

Melding Alex’s interests, background, abilities and experiences, with Toni’s, means that the clients of Toni Palmer Designs, LLC have a seamless collaboration between an interior designer and a licensed architect.

When Alex graduated from Architectural School in 1971, he was offered positions with world-renowned architects in New York. But he chose, instead, to come to Denver. By 1976, he had opened Alex Frank Orkow & Associates – Architecture/Planning, and has been in Architectural Practice ever since.

Education: Amherst College
Amherst, MA
Degree: Bachelor of Arts

School of Architecture: Washington University
St.Louis, MO
Degree: Master of Architecture