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Toni Palmer

toni palmer
Toni Palmer, Interior Designer

Toni Palmer’s name has been synonymous with outstanding Interior Design in Colorado since 1972.

She is celebrated as a multitalented designer, her wide range of abilities enabling her to offer “one-stop shopping” for all her clients’ design needs. Depending on their preferences, her spaces can range from very contemporary, to transitional, to traditional, with layered influences from different historical periods.

Toni is a world traveler, who has studied and learned from some of the greatest architecture and design created through the centuries. Her ability to draw from these observations and to communicate meaningfully with her clients allows her to create truly original spaces that complement their lifestyles and tastes.

Over the years, Toni has nutured ongoing design relationships with many of her clients. Tastes and visions change as new homes are purchased or existing homes are remodeled. Therefore, Toni makes herself available as her clients’ lives change, and her designs for them similarly evolve.

She believes fervently in giving back to her community; and donates many hours of service and expertise to fundraising efforts.

Toni was educated at the University of Colorado, and her designs and insight have been featured in many publications and on television.